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Supplemental Bid Bulletin No. 2 for the Supply and Delivery of Rescue Equipment, Materials and Supplies

Posted by (rtrgov) on Jul 09 2018
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Supplemental Bid Bulletin No. 2

additional specification in items First Aid Kit (banckpack type) and life vest as follows:

first aid kit (backpack type)


- backpack made of cordura (in EMS blue or Rescue Orange)18”x14”x6” 42 liter volume with 7 compartments & Velcro straps cylinder holds G.W. 9 kg.; contents: 1 2 litre oxygen w/ oxygen regulator, nasal cannula & bubble humidifier, 1 cervical collar, 1 CPR Mask, 1 thermal blanket 132x210 cm (52”x82”); 1 universal rolled splint 4”x36”, 1 InMed set (stethoscope, BP); 1 Digital thermometer, 1 MIT penlight, 1 alcohol 150 ml, 1 hot compress, 1 cold compress, 1 elastic bandage 4x5; 1 elastic bandage 3x5; 1 gauze bandage 3x10; 1 gauze bandage 4x10; 6 pairs medical gloves; 1 band aid bantam size (box); 6 earloop face mask; I cotton balls 50’s; 12 alcohol pads, 2 surgical tape 1”; 1 tissue forceps; 1 povidone iodine 120 ml; 1 syringe 3cc; 1 syringe 5cc; 1 syringe 10cc; 1 kidney basin, 1 tape measure; 12 cotton application small; 12 cotton application big, 1 measuring cup 30 ml; 1 flat tourniquet; 1 bandage scissor; 6 sterile tongue depressor; 1 ammonia; 1 medicine box, contents: 2 anti nausea tablet, 2 anti-emetic tablet; 5 antacid tablet, 5 analgesic/antipyretic tablet, 5 analgesic/anti-inflammatory capsule, 5 antibacterial capsule; 5 diarrhea/anti motility capsule.

  life vest

-          A sleeveless buoyant or inflatable jacket for keeping a person afloat in water


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